Lord’s Day 16 Themes and Divisions




Christ died to give us life


1.      Life that never ends

2.      Life that begins now




The three-fold “why” in our only comfort


1.      Why did Christ have to died?

2.      Why was he buried?

3.      Why did he descend into hell?


J. Kok


The meaning of Christ’s death


1.      For our justification

2.      On the way to death and the grave

3.      For our sanctification

4.      In the struggle against Satan


The death of Christ


1.      The meaning of his death

2.      The power of his death

3.      The fruit of his death


The fruit of Jesus’ death


1.      Redemption from the struggle with sin

2.      Redemption from death and the grave

3.      Redemption from the old nature

4.      Redemption from eternal perdition


K. Dijk


Jesus’ death is our resting place


1.      The death wherein we rest

2.      The rest which lies in this death.


Christ died the whole death


1.      Spiritual death

2.      Temporal death

3.      Eternal death


C. Bouwman


Because of Jesus’ death the Christian is connected again to God, and so never dies


1.      What is death?

2.      How does one escape from death?

3.      So what?


G. Van Popta


The death of Christ is life-transforming


1.      Physical death

2.      Spiritual death

3.      Eternal death


R. Bredenhof


“By the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.”


1.      In Christ’s death is our death

2.      In Christ’s death is our life


W. Bredenhof


The promises of the gospel revealed in Christ’s deepest humiliation


We’ll consider these promises and how they intersect with our:


1.      Past

2.      Present

3.      Future